About Downunder Dad

I am pasisonate about money and I cannot help it.

I was terrible with money, particularly in my twenties, I made many money mistakes.

As I inevitably grow older I figure it is time to also grow more wise.

I recognise that I do not know everything about personal finance, and I have been failing myself and my family. A little harsh but rather true. How could I change the trend?

I enjoy exploring and learning and writing about money related stuff.

Downunder Dad is a simple archiving of financial lessons as I learn them. Rather than keeping them to myself I hope that sharing the knowledge, good and bad, will help and interest others.

We all want to learn and improve. We all make mistakes. We all have wins. I was keen to see what it would look like if I started writing all of mine down. ALL of them.

Downunder Dad is a journey of personal finance trial and error… documented & shared. Honestly.

Engage, Entertain, Educate, Evolve – Thanks for reading 🙂

Downunder Dad: Independent, Aussie and Personal undefined

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